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Graham Anthony Price  (GAP Marketing Services) - I was born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire in
England in the U.K. I am now living in the Northeast of England as I married a geordie lass.
Our kids have all now grown up and flown the coup (grown up & left home) as it were.

With an extensive knowledge covering some four decades to the present day in the corporate world.
I set up online back in 2006 and did what most people do, looking for the next shiny thing that would
be an opportunity to get rich, working from home. Of course I was doomed to failure given that very
attitude that I had back then.

After wasting many $$$$ and much time, I realised that the majority of people that were selling these
shiny objects were infact, making their money by providing and teaching, not actually using those same
systems, because if the systems were making all those $$$$ then why not just stick to that, instead of
putting their efforts into providing me/us ?
It was when that fact eventually hit home, that everything including my attitude to it changed. I set up
some online help groups and started seeing the benefits. I have in my time now headed groups of over
40,000 people in one project and believe me when I say success breeds success.

Fast forward to today - Contact me now and let me know what your looking for - "Click Here"

We would be only too pleased to help, wherever possible.
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